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Mount Airy, North Carolina

Scenes from a charming Southern town

Published May 30th, 2024

Back in late March, while staying in Wytheville, Virginia, I took a little evening drive to the city of Mount Airy in North Carolina. I went down on Easter Sunday, which in the South means one thing - everything was closed. It was eerily quiet, but I enjoyed walking around and photographing the charming streets, retro storefronts and interesting architecture in the town.

Earle Theatre, Mount Airy


Wally's Service Station, Mount Airy


Snappy Lunch, Mount Airy 01


Wally's Service Station, Mount Airy


Back Alleys, Mount Airy


El Camino, Mount Airy 02


Snappy Lunch, Mount Airy 02


Sunset View, Pilot Mountain 01


Main Street, Mount Airy


Earle Theatre, Mount Airy


Dairy Center, Mount Airy


Mayberry Courthouse & Jail, Mount Airy


Main Oak Emporium, Mount Airy


El Camino, Mount Airy 01


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